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HIS SEXY SECRET SANTA by Author Nancy Fraser **Book Birthday**

I'm pleased to be celebrating another Book Birthday ... my last for 2021! I want to introduce you to the first book in my Feisty Holiday Fun Series, His Sexy Secret Santa, a steamy holiday romp.

Ebenezer Scrooge can’t hold a pewter candlestick to Assistant D.A., Zackary Parker when it comes to disliking Christmas. On the fast track to becoming the next elected District Attorney, Zack has little time for anything but his society girl friend and schmoozing the Suffolk County elite in search of their support.

The only wrench in his plans is his unrequited attraction to Erica Jordan, his overachieving paralegal. Will his fantasies about the buttoned-up perfectionist get him in more trouble than he can handle?

Erica Jordan prefers to keep her professional and personal life as separate as possible. While she exudes an intelligent and confident demeanor in her position as paralegal to the county’s top litigators, her weekends are reserved for the “other” Erica—the hard rock loving, sexy chick in the short skirts and sky-high heels.

What will happen when her two worlds collide? And, can she and Zack get past their no-fraternization rule to create a holiday neither of them is likely to soon forget?

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“New business is next. Before Miss Jordan gets to the sheriff’s latest wish list, does anyone have non-case related business?”

Somewhat timidly it seemed, Andi Stevens, the admin he shared with Erica and his boss, Scott Pillard, raised her hand. “I’d like to discuss this year’s Secret Santa participation.”

“Secret Santa?” he repeated, forcing an authoritative tone to his voice. “You want to deck the county attorney’s offices like a tricked-out shopping mall, and you want to exchange gifts?”

Andi nodded, then asked, “Didn’t they celebrate the holidays at that fancy law firm where you worked before?”

He stifled a laugh, admittedly impressed with her brashness. “Of course, they did Miss Stevens, but in a far more subdued manner. We held a corporate cocktail party, handed out bonuses, and made generous donations to various charities.” He raised his head, directing his final words on the matter to everyone in the room. “Our concessions to decorating consisted of tastefully adorned wreaths on the doors leading to the fifteenth and sixteenth-floor lobbies.”

“Oh.” The single-word response seemed to dull the young woman’s enthusiasm, and make him look like a grade-A ass at the same time.

Zack bit back on a self-deprecating laugh. “However, if the rest of you want to participate in a gift exchange, I’ve no problem with it whatsoever.” Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Erica Jordan’s quick smile before she pursed her full, pink-tinged lips together to hold her reaction in.

“Thank you,” Andi said. “It’ll be fun. We can set a spending limit—”

He raised his hand, stopping her mid-sentence. “Fine, you work out the details and fill us in at next Friday’s staff meeting.” Hoping to steer their focus back onto the business at hand, he turned to Erica and asked, “What did the sheriff have for us?”

“An alleged bribery case, sir. Their investigation uncovered what looks to be corruption in the county land surveyor’s office. The bribe supposedly came from a local real estate developer.”

“Are they sending their files over?”

She nodded, the slight dip of her head knocking loose a tendril of her snugly pinned blonde hair. Zack sucked in a quick, hopefully silent, breath. His palms itched with the urge to reach out and touch, to run the golden silk through his fingers.

With a brush of her hand, she slid the errant strand behind her ear, and explained, “The file should be here first thing Monday morning. I’ll go over the notes I took during the phone call, and do some prep work before I leave for the night. I should be able to find at least a half-dozen or so citations on similar cases.”

He stood, prepared to dismiss the staff. “That’s it everyone. Have a good weekend.” Before she could escape, he added, “Miss Jordan, can you hold back a minute?”

“Yes, of course,” she said, coming to meet him at the end of the long conference table.

“I’d stay and help with the research,” he offered. “But I’m expected at a fundraiser.”

“It’s not a problem,” she assured him. “I don’t have any plans for the evening.”

“Plans or not, I’m sure you hadn’t intended to stay late,” he said, not really needing to extend the conversation, yet wanting to enjoy more of her sultry voice.

She shrugged, the quick lift of her slender shoulders drawing his attention to where her blouse narrowed into a vee and exposed a scant peek at her porcelain skin.

His fingertips did their all-too-frequent tingle whenever she was nearby.

“I’d better get to work,” she said, no doubt waiting for him to signal they were done.

“Yes,” he agreed, coughing to clear the sudden dryness in his throat. “I’ve got to get going if I’m going to make the fundraiser on time.” She’d just reached the door, when he added, “Have a great weekend, Erica.”

She turned, meeting his gaze. Her eyes widened, his use of her given name obviously catching her off guard.

“You too, sir.”

Zack closed his eyes and let out a long, cleansing sigh. Sir?

What he wouldn’t give to hear her say his name in those low, dulcet tones of hers. Or, better yet, in a moment of unrestrained passion. He’d always had a thing for the subdued, prim-and-proper type and Erica Jordan was pushing all the right buttons.

NANCY FRASER is an Amazon Top 100 and Award-Winning author who can’t seem to decide which romance genre suits her best. So, she writes them all.

Nancy published her first book in 1996 and hasn’t stopped since. Her 100th book will be released in late 2022.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

~ ~ ~

This is my last post for 2021. Grandma needs a break to spend time with family.
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GAVEL AND GARLAND ~ A Dickens Holiday Romance by Author Kathryn Hills

Happy Book Birthday to Author Kathryn Hills. Today we're celebrating the release of Gavel and Garland, part of the Dickens Holiday Romance collection. Come join us as we make another trip to the wonderful holiday town of Dickens!

Can a humbug and a holiday lover come together when wedding and Christmas bells ring?

Elizabeth McKenzie doesn’t hate Christmas. As the new mayor of Dickens, the quaint New England town famous for its holiday cheer, she has no time to enjoy it. And while she understands small-town politics, what she doesn’t get is people sugar coating problems during the hectic season. There’s much to be done, and she intends to prove she’s up to the task. However, she never imagined being blindsided by someone special. The Army officer in town for the wedding she’s officiating is annoyingly upbeat and handsome. Will he derail her agenda? Or can she slow down enough to smell the gingerbread and maybe meet him under the mistletoe?

Trekking around the globe to help animals and people is all Army veterinarian Daniel Murray knows. He’s not a fan of settling down, but there’s something wonderful about a place that embraces his favorite holiday. What’s even more appealing is Dickens’ feisty young mayor. Seems she has a knack for finding trouble. Dare he get involved with the beautiful humbug? Or should he avoid her like a stocking full of coal? It’s decision time for the self-proclaimed bachelor for life. Stay in the military, or open a vet practice right there in Christmas town?

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The man rose from a crouched position alongside the horse. His back was to her until he turned around, and their gazes locked.

Beth’s mouth fell open.

“Big Red?” he asked, looking utterly perplexed.

The group of onlookers parted. Confused stares flipped back and forth between them.

She continued to gawk in disbelief. “Wha…what did you just call me?”

“You two know each other?” Heather piled on, sounding equally surprised.

Dan brushed off his hands and approached her.

“I…we…” Beth fumbled for words as she took a step back. “I saw him at the airport when he—” She snapped her lips shut before something stupid could slip out.

An impossibly handsome smile formed on the man’s face when he came closer. “I saw you board the plane, but I had no idea you were traveling to Dickens. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?”

“I…I…” She stammered some more before composing herself. “I am the mayor of this fine town. And I’m officiating this wedding.” She stood tall and arched one brow in annoyance.

The groom cleared his throat, stepping between them as if sensing her tension. “Elizabeth McKenzie—Beth to all that know her—this is Major Daniel Murray, our best man. Dan is one of my oldest friends from my Army days.”

Amusement twinkled in the man in question’s eyes.

Dear Lord, they’re a striking color. Grey. Like the sky before a snowstorm.

He sported some scruff on his face now, whereas before, at the airport, he’d had no more than a five o’clock shadow on that rugged jaw. Salt and pepper. Same as his short, cropped hair.

Beth took another step back when his hand shot out to her.

Ooo… Not very smooth.

She quickly recovered and accepted it. Warmth instantly spread over her skin from his solid, manly grip.

“Nice to meet you, Mayor McKenzie. I’m loving your little town so far.”

She gave him a brusque nod, not trusting herself to form real words in his unsettling presence.

“We’d best be gettin’ up to the fields if we’re gonna practice marchin’ before sundown,” old Tom Gridley cautioned. “Daylight is scarce these days.”

The happy wedding party began working their way outside to the barnyard and their waiting transport.

“Who is that?” Jenna whispered, adding a suggestive look as they walked away together. “Oh my God…you were like…speechless. Awkward. Major chemistry between you two though.”

“I was surprised, that’s all.” Beth scoffed. “There’s no chemistry. What chemistry? I, for one, do not believe in chemistry.”

“Okay, no chemistry,” her niece griped. Yet she glanced over her shoulder. “Then why is he still grinning at you like a creeper? He is literally watching you walk away. I bet he’s checking out your butt.”

Beth gasped and slammed to a halt. Despite her best effort to remain professional, she spun to face him. Jenna skittered off, leaving them alone in the barn’s wide doorway. “Why did you call me Big Red?” she demanded.

Dan’s admiring stare settled on her face like a warm caress, causing a flurry of unexpected butterflies to take flight in her stomach.

“Sorry. Bad habit. I give everyone nicknames. Sometimes one. Sometimes many. Depends on the person and how much I like them.” He chuckled, and tiny lines crinkled the corners of those remarkable eyes. His face was lightly suntanned, as if he spent time outdoors wherever he lived.

“And mine is ‘Big Red’ for some reason? Why, because of my hair?” She squared her jaw, challenging him. “You don’t even know me, Dr. Dan.”

The smile fell from his face, and Beth suddenly wondered if he was better looking when he was serious or when he was teasing her.

“Want the truth?” he asked in a solemn tone. “You’re a hard woman to miss. When I saw you in line at the airport, you stood out. Let’s just say no man with a pulse would miss a woman as striking as you.”

Heat rushed to her cheeks despite the cold air.

“Tall, beautiful, with that great hair color.” His smile returned, and his gaze dropped to her lips. “Big Red.”

I was fortunate enough to be able to read an ARC of Gavel and Garland and I'm happy to say, it lives up to the high standards of this entire series.

Kathryn Hills writes beautifully descriptive scenes and adds just the right amount of sexual tension to amp up the usual 'will they or won't' they angst. Add in some wonderfully colorful supporting characters, family drama, and Ms. Hills signature quirk of adding animals (specifically dogs) to all her books, and you know you've got a winner.

The main characters are imperfect (okay, maybe Dr. Dan is perfect), but they learn and grow, and make the happily-ever-after conclusion even more believable and heartfelt. If you're in the mood for a great holiday romance worthy of a Hallmark movie, this is the book!

Hauntingly romantic unless she’s writing sweet!

The rich history and many mysteries of New England are the perfect backdrop for many of KATHRYN’s books. Winding roads lined by old stone walls, forgotten cemeteries, grand homes with shadowy pasts...all sparks for her imagination. Whether it’s a quaint seaside town or the vibrant city of Boston, it’s easy for this “hauntingly romantic” author to envision the past mingling with the present. No surprise, some of Kathryn’s favorite stories include ghosts! Sprinkle in some magic, and you’re off on a great adventure.

When not writing, this best-selling author is reading, researching, gardening, or cooking up something special in her chaotic kitchen. She shares her colonial home in the north woods with those she loves most – her wonderful husband, daughter, and three crazy dogs.

~ ~ ~
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WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ME by Author Danielle Dawn Falk **REVIEW TOUR**

It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Canadian author Danielle Dawn Falk to Notes From a Romantic's Heart to tell us about her children's book, What It Means to be Me. You can find all the stops on Danielle's tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter draw for your chance to win a gift card. The entry form is at the bottom of this post.

Genre: Childrens

"I am me as can be . . ."

Encouraging and heartfelt, "What It Means to Be Me" takes readers on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and self-worth. Written in rhyme, this engaging read about learning, dreaming and growing is meant for absolutely anyone to connect with the message of this sweet story.

Read along and celebrate everything it means to be your own true self.

Find What It Means to Be Me in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover Amazon

The world is a great, big place, with billions of people here on Earth,

And trillions of stars up in space.

It may not be easy to know right from wrong,

To feel that you fit in, or to know where you belong.

It is OK to feel confused and to be unsure of where you are going,

But here is something that is worthy of knowing:

In our world, it is important to be accepting and inclusive of each other,

While also celebrating and encouraging what makes us unique from one another.

You will learn so much along the way;

Growing up does not happen in just one day.

Remember that getting to know yourself is a very good start.

Your life is full of meaning; find the wonder that sets you apart.

As a grandmother of five, I've read my share of children's books. Some were good and some were silly. Few were as entertaining and heartwarming as What It Means to be Me. From the very first words, I was hooked. The book addresses the issue of identity, belonging, and acceptance with grace and in rhyme ... which is always a plus. The illustrations were beautiful and just as deserving of a Top Pick designation.

And, to make sure I wasn't just impressed with the lovely prose, I put the book to the ultimate test. Read by my eight year-old grandson, to his four-year-old cousin. The true test of a good children's books.
Both William and Evan give What It Means to be Me a double thumbs up! Mighty high praise from two little boys who'd rather be playing games or driving grandma crazy with arts and crafts.

Danielle Dawn Falk has a lifelong passion for writing. Growing up, she often struggled with feelings of being unaccepted, as well as not fitting in with her peers. When she became a mother, some of her goals were to help her son and daughter realize how unique and special they are, while at the same time, teaching them to show acceptance and compassion toward everyone else. She hopes that through her writing, she will inspire her children, as well as many others, to do just that.

Danielle lives with her family on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Danielle Dawn Falk will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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MAFIOSA PRINCESS by Author Liza Malloy **Book Blast** **Giveaway**

It's my pleasure to welcome author Liza Malloy to Notes From a Romantic's Heart. She's here today to share her new book, Mafiosa Princess with us. You can find all of the stops on Liza's tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. The form is at the bottom of this post.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Two men love her. But only one truly knows her.

College Junior Giada Conti wants nothing more than to pursue a normal life fueled by her own choices. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize her father’s business isn’t completely lawful, or how that fact will completely dictate her future.

Pre-law student Adrian Patras is certain Giada is the perfect woman for him, until he meets her family and grasps the extent of his girlfriend’s naivete.

As Adrian finds himself unwillingly pulled into the family business, Giada grows frustrated with his insinuations about her father. Meanwhile, Giada’s ex, the notorious Luca Marino, pops back into her life with his own criminal agenda that includes winning her back.

Mafiosa Princess is the captivating first book in the steamy mafia romance series that you won’t want to put down.

Get your copy on Amazon

I shielded my eyes from the sun peeking in above my calypso blue sunglasses and gazed over at Luca. He was pacing back and forth ten or so yards away, clutching his phone tightly by his ear.

I tried to view him the way the other girls must. It wasn’t hard to see the appeal. He was indisputably good-looking, the quintessential Italian man. Lean muscle comprised his tall frame, long black eyelashes framed his rich chocolate eyes, and his dark brownish-black hair was soft and just long enough to run my fingers through. He carried himself with confidence, and everything about him oozed wealth and power.

I thought about what Luca said, how he’d admitted that losing me was a mistake. Had he actually meant that, or was he just trying to cheer me up? I wasn’t oblivious to the way he flirted with me, or the way he unapologetically checked me out whenever he wanted. But that didn’t necessarily signal anything except for a deep-seated sense of entitlement on his part.

Years ago, I was more susceptible to Luca’s charms. Even at sixteen, he radiated control and dominance. The attention he bestowed on me in high school instantly ratcheted up my popularity and made me more sought after by all of the guys, but thanks to Luca’s smooth lines and ceaseless flattering, I had eyes only for him.

During the time we’d been a couple, my self-esteem had been at an all-time high. If the coveted Luca Marino loved me, I had to be beautiful, smart, and funny. He wouldn’t have wasted his attentions on someone unworthy. Besides, he could’ve had any girl at our school. Yet, he chose me.

Now, years later, my heart still fluttered at the possibility that Luca still wanted me. It was flattering, and it was precisely the ego-boost I needed after watching Adrian leave me for Chicago. But could it be more than that?

Liza Malloy writes contemporary romance, women's fiction, new adult romance, and fantasy. She’s a sucker for alpha males, bad boys, dimples, and muscles, and she can’t resist a man in uniform. Liza loves creating worlds where her heroine discovers her own strength and finds her Happily Ever After. When Liza isn’t reading or writing torrid love stories, she’s a practicing attorney. Her other passions include gummy bears, jelly beans, and the occasional marathon. She lives in the Midwest with her four daughters and her own Prince Charming. Her books are available in both paperback and ebook, and can be found on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and more!

Liza Malloy will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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