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BOY by Author Anna Hamillton *VBT* *Giveaway*

Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is excited to welcome author Anna Hamilton to talk about her new release, Boy. Since this Anna’s first visit to the blog, we asked our usual “nosey” questions.

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GENRE: Drama/Family/Sweet Romance/Dementia

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Is your book based on real-life experience or a figment of your imagination?

Boy is based on real life experiences, yet with characters not true to the story.  I was comfortable using them as characters because I know their hearts, perfect for a story full of heart.

If you could trade places with one of the characters from your book, who would it be and why?

This is a tough one to answer because I have been on many levels a few characters in this story, at least during the process of writing it. To answer the question: Aunt Fara. She was my mother Betty’s best friend. She was an amazing woman who, oddly enough, died in a memory care unit in Ottumwa Iowa. She was my “Aunt Fara” my entire life.  She was a role model for me and many others—one tough cookie. I have tried to follow in her footsteps of giving back and would like to think she would be proud of me and the work I have done.  

Is the setting for your book real? If so, have you been there? If it’s fictitious, is there somewhere real that you’ve used as a model?

The farmhouse is not one I know, but there are farmhouses from my childhood that will never leave my head. Same with the barn and the chicken coop. I have relatives in Iowa and Kansas who are farmers and my favorite things were always the chicken coop and the barn....loved the smells and the miracle of finding an egg. I easily put my memories together to create the Roberts farm.

What has been the most unusual experience you’ve had that you have written into a book?

I would say in The Red Van, not yet completed, there are many experiences my sister and I endured during this real-life story of two con men who were at one point my step fathers. One of the most unusual experiences in this story was at the age of seventeen I borrowed a neighbor boy’s shotgun (something I knew not how to use) to rescue my mother from a step father’s house after he had held her against her will, luring her to his house with threats of hurting her daughters if she did not meet him. Fear and anger can make a person, even a child, bolder than they ever thought they could be.

Do you like to read in the genre in which you write? Or, are you adventurous?

I read in all genres and no, I do not read anything in Elder Care. I only sought out that type of information when desperate for answers for my father’s dementia. I hope to never go back to that genre. I prefer reading fiction over non-fiction. It is an escape, where non-fiction one cannot rationalize away. Not me anyway.

If you had to create a pseudonym for your work that poked fun at the genre in which you write, what would it be?

Again, this is tough to answer as I cannot think of any name that would fit in poking fun at this particular genre. During my father’s time in the nursing home, the residents called me the "popcorn lady," even though I spent three meals a day with these same people over a two-year period, they never remembered my name, only that I made popcorn for them.

About the Book

Boy is a story about a few weeks in the lives of Hugh and Betty Roberts, an elderly couple living alone on a family farm in Iowa.  They are buried deep in grief over the loss of their only child and struggling to hang on to  the only life they have ever known when dementia sneaks in.  An unusual visitor brings a welcome distraction and reprieve just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Join this couple and other unforgettable characters as they prepare to share in a memorable and much needed Thanksgiving gathering at the old couple's farm. What transpires is credited to friendship, love and the relentless power of hope. Directly or indirectly we are reminded of what really matters on this brief walk we call Life.


Enjoy an Excerpt


On both sides of the driveway there were fields of corn, now harvested.  Even in the wind you could hear the pheasants running through the few stalks that remained.  The distant fence lines stood like loyal soldiers waiting for the day they could come home.  The air smelled wet and of dirt, the smell one becomes addicted to after having lived off the land.

As they walked the long driveway arm in arm, Hugh got a whiff of his childhood.  All around him he smelled the seventy-eight years of his life.  He turned to look at his wife who still clung to the small box and wondered whether she too could smell the years in the wind.

The rain looked like it was still miles away, however the wind was always strong and present.  In Iowa, the wind is never far away, always sneaking around, reminding you of how pointless it was to comb your hair or wear a cap.

By the time they had reached the mailbox it had started to sprinkle.  Hugh let go of Betty's arm long enough to retrieve the mail and shove it inside of his flannel shirt, when a gust of wind swept by them, taking with it the lid from the box.  Across the field and into the next it tumbled, until being captured by the loyal soldiers.


Meet the Author

Anna Hamilton (1958- present) was born in Des Moines Iowa. She lives in Northern Minnesota along the Canadian border where she owns and operates a small restaurant in the village of Grand Marais. During the slower winter months she writes, preferring fiction over non-fiction. "Fiction" she says, "is much easier to create because you can be on the outside of a story looking in, rather than on the inside, fighting your way out." Hence her first novel 'Boy'.

When she is not working or writing, her time is spent mentoring children in need and advocates on behalf of both children and the elderly. She and her sister Sarah are currently working towards building 'affordable' housing for their community. Part of the proceeds from her first novel 'Boy' will be dedicated to help finance that project.

Anna's Amazon Author Page ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads


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It’s been my pleasure hosting Anna Hamilton for today’s visit. Please come back all week for more great authors, books, and giveaways!


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What can I say??? It's time to start the holiday warm up celebrations! And, what better way than with Making Christmas, a prequel to my story, Millie's Awesome Holiday Miracle, in last year's Dickens Holiday Romance Anthology.

About the Book

A 1980s Vintage Romance ...

It’s been five years since William Barrett returned to Dickens to take over as CEO of Wil-Bar Toys. He’s spent these past years helping build Wil-Bar into a leader in creative, handmade toys. His work ethic and drive has left him little time for a personal life. Or, perhaps he’s still pining for the one who got away.

Catherine Gates moved away from Dickens six years earlier. Now a staff reporter for a woman’s magazine, she’s returning to Dickens to do a story on Wil-Bar Toys new production methods and get the scoop on their upcoming holiday line.

When Will and Cat meet up again for the first time in years, it’s as if they’ve never been apart. Rekindling their friendship, and attraction, becomes more important than Cat’s article, or even the secrecy of the new toy lines.

Can these two childhood friends make up for lost time and pursue the romance they missed out on years earlier? Or, will Cat’s story expose too much and put them at odds with one another?

On Your Favorite Platform

Enjoy an Excerpt

September 1985 ~ Wil-Bar Toy Factory

“Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas carols?” William asked, motioning skyward where the factory speakers were blaring a string of both classical and modern holiday songs. “If we don’t vary it every once-in-awhile, I’m going to end up ripping the wires out of the ceiling.”

His father shot him a pained look. “Is it ever too early for Christmas music in a toy factory where we spend every working hour up until the beginning of December getting ready for the rush?” Waving his hand dismissively overhead, Wilfred Barrett added, “Besides, it keeps the production line moving like clockwork.”

“How’s the new head of design working out? What’s his name? Gibson?” Will asked.

“Ted Gibson. He’s got some great ideas for sure. Including inviting that magazine editor to send someone to write an article on our new state-of-the-art assembly line.”

“Somehow I don’t picture an article in a woman’s magazine doing justice to the mechanics involved in creating toys like our latest designs.”

Giving a shrug, Wilfred admitted, “It can’t hurt. Besides, it’s women who do most of the buying, especially for the children. If the article can convince these mothers that our toys are safe and won’t come apart with one day of rough play, then it’s as much as we can hope for, I suppose.” Pushing aside the ledger in front of him, he added, “I’d like you to be the one to give them the tour.”

“Why me? Let Gibson do it. After all, it was his idea. Or, you do it—it’s your company, after all. I’d much rather keep my focus on these sales and shipping projections.”

“You’re the new face of Wil-Bar Toys, son. The younger—what’s the term—hip version of a toymaker. Not that I don’t still love it, but these young mothers would much rather see your picture accompanying the article than mine.”

“Ted’s young too. And, if the women crowding around the watercooler are to be believed, quite a catch.”

His father leaned back in his chair, a sure sign the discussion was coming to an end, his decision made. “The magazine is sending one of their staff writers to do the interview. She’ll be here day-after-tomorrow.”

Will turned toward the door to his father’s office. “I feel the flu coming on,” he groused. “I may have to call in sick.”

“You might be a grown man, but I’m sure your mother would love to have you home all day long,” his dad quickly pointed out, a grin lighting his face. “She can stuff you with chicken noodle soup and fuss over you to her heart’s content.”

“You can be downright mean when you want to be, Pops” Will said, chuckling. “No doubt, you’d suggest she read to me too.”

Watch the Trailer

The Jigsaw Puzzle

preview35pieceMaking Christmas

Joint Tour Information

All this week fellow Lady of Dickens, Peggy Jaeger and I will be touring with our Dickens prequels. There's also a giftcard giveaway!

You can find all of our tour stops at Goddess Fish Promotions.

Meet the Author (That Would be Me!)

NANCY FRASERJumping Across Romance Genres with Gleeful Abandon—is an Amazon Top 100 and Award-Winning author who can’t seem to decide which romance genre suits her best. So, she writes them all.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Bookbub

Amazon Author Page ~ Goodreads ~ YouTube ~ Newsletter

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A RECIPE FOR FOREVER by Author Darlene Fredette


Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is overjoyed to welcome fellow Rose, Darlene Fredette to the blog today. Here new book, A Recipe For Forever, is part of the Redford Falls series from The Wild Rose Press. We thought we’d start off with a few very important (okay, maybe nosey) questions.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know


Is your book based on real-life experience or a figment of your imagination?

All the stories I write are a figment of my imagination. However, I do add some real life. For example, in my book Hershey’s Choice, I wanted to write a book starring a Chocolate Labrador. One of my neighbours has a beautiful chocolate lab named Hershey. Hershey is adorable and I love the name, so I immediately made Hershey my star. As well, in A Recipe For Forever, the story takes place in a bakery. Since my daughter is a pastry chef, I had to write a story with a bakery setting.


If you could trade places with one of the characters from your book, who would it be and why?

In A Recipe For Forever, I would be the hero’s mom, Heather Cooper (again, I think I just aged myself, lol). Heather is a master baker, and she has the ability to read people. She has a gypsy like attire and personality. Heather is fun and quirky.


If you could trade lives with any other writer, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Not necessarily a particular writer, but an author who has had their book made into a movie. To have one of my books made into a Hallmark movie would be the ultimate dream come true. I already have the cast picked out! Lol!

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance


About the Book


She has one last hope – a small, family-run bakery that might just be baking up second chances. 

Dwindling finances has Jess Robinson running out of options. With a past filled with failures, she longs for a new beginning. Applying for a job she isn’t qualified for may be another crazy mistake, but at this point Jess has nothing to lose. 

Juggling two jobs, Travis Cooper has absolutely no time for a relationship and isn’t looking for one. But when his mother hires an unqualified baker, he has more to worry about than three-tiered wedding cakes and fighting fires. Will he break his own no-dating-employees rule and make a little room in his life for love?

Get A Recipe Forever everywhere!


Enjoy an Excerpt


Silky hair caressed his cheek. Wildflowers teased his nostrils. Warmth invaded his body. He resisted the urge to pull her closer. What have I done? He straightened, forcing temptation aside. He clasped his hands on her tiny waist and stepped backward.

Pink staining her cheeks, she glanced downward and smoothed the front of her skirt with a shaky hand. “You won’t regret hiring me.”

He cleared his throat, swallowing the anxiety her words caused. “When can you—”

“Tomorrow!” Jess pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Sorry.”

“Okay.” Travis caught his mother’s grin. “Mom will give you the paperwork. She’s also in charge of training. You two work out the details.” He waved a hand toward the door. “Now, get out of my kitchen. I have a baby shower cake to make.”

He watched Jess follow Mom out of the room. The sway of Jess’ hips spiked his blood pressure. I’m doomed. Travis reached for a mixing bowl, hoping to lose himself in a world of desserts. He had to calm his racing heart and forget the sweetness he just hired.

Meet the Author


Darlene resides on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where the summers are too short, and the winters are too long. An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loved to develop the many stories coming to life in her head. She writes contemporary romances with a focus on plot-driven page-turners.

When not working on her next book, she can be found with her husband, her daughter, and her Yellow Labrador. Darlene’s favourite pastime is taking summer daytrips to the Valley to soak in the small-town feel.

Visit Darlene’s Web Site

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As always, it’s been my pleasure hosting a fellow member of the Roses.

Please come back all next week for more authors, books, and even a few giveaways.



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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome fellow Canadian author J.A. Boulet to the blog. We look forward to exploring the first book in the Olason Chronicles, The Strong Amongst Us. You can find all the stops on this review tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. The form is at the bottom of this feature.

GENRE: Historical Romance


About the Book

An epic 1875 immigration saga. A love story. An epidemic.

Would you survive?

On a fateful day in October 1875, Nathan Olason steps foot onto the soil of a new foreign country called Canada. With natural sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets, it has been nicknamed paradise. Except it proves to be anything but.

With storm surges, emerging governments, racism and dwindling food supplies, Nathan and his family struggle to stay alive in this foreign wilderness. With the help of a beautiful Cree woman named Anwa, they learn to fish and hunt, surviving against all the odds.

Then just when they think they have prevailed, tragedy strikes an ominous blow, a smallpox epidemic that decimates villages, quarantines the town of Gimli, but most of all threatens to claim what he holds dear the most.

Would you survive?

Be one of the last men standing. Follow Nath on a heroic journey of immigration, manhood, immense love, resilience and perseverance beyond anything we know.


Enjoy an Excerpt


He stared at the beautiful sun, peering over the horizon of gentle waves. The coldness stung, but he embraced it. The lake was much calmer today. He loved it actually; luck was on his side. They would most likely be able to send the funds request of the remaining five-thousand-dollar loan to the Dominion today by boat.

A movement caught his eye. Someone was pulling in a larger boat. He stood and used his hand to shelter from the sun. He squinted into the bright rays. It was just one person, pulling in the boat. He strapped his boots on and scurried over to the dock.

“Hey, do you need a hand?” Nathanael shouted as he approached.

A woman’s voice lilted into the air, gentle but full of strength. “No, I am okay.”

“No, I must! Let me help you,” Nathan insisted.

She looked at him stubbornly, shook her head and relented. “If you must.”

Nath grabbed the rope and helped pull in the boat, anchoring it along the sand. “Is this the boat that will be taking the letter to the Dominion for us today?”

“It is, yes,” she replied. “Sorry for my English. I am still learning.”

“You are native to this land?” Nath asked. “How long have you lived here?”

“Forever,” she laughed. “Ma and Pa were born here, so was I.”

“Interesting,” Nath said. “It is a beautiful land. And a beautiful lake.”

“Yes, Nath, it is,” she replied.

“You remembered my name?”


The Strong Amongst Us is available from Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords


My Review

4 Stars


This a beautifully written story filled with action and adventure, adversity and, in some cases, heartache. Being a long-time Canadian myself, I am very familiar the history behind immigration challenges.

The romance, while well done, was not the focus. And, I’m fine with that. I think it could have easily overshadowed the book and taken away from some of the more important scenes in the story.

I did feel at times we were a bit bogged down in facts but, because they were relevant to the history, I was able to get past the slow down easily enough. The only drawback for me is that I’m not a fan of an unfinished story. This is purely a personal preference, so if you don’t mind stories that continue on into the next book, you will undoubtably enjoy The Strong Amongst Us.


Meet the Author

J. A. Boulet is the passionate author of The Olason Chronicles, a historical saga of immigration, love and perseverance. The Strong Amongst Us Book 1 was released on Amazon in April 2020. She was born and raised in Western Canada as a first generation Canadian from European descent. Her parents landed in St. John’s, NFLD as refugees in 1956, a direct result of the Hungarian Revolution. J. A. Boulet was born many years later, raised in a strong Hungarian culture and proudly calls Canada home to this day. She started writing poetry at the age of five and progressed to short stories and novels. She has a keen interest in history, healing, family bonds and embracing the unknown. J. A Boulet writes with a spine-tingling realism like none other, grabbing your emotions and refusing to let go. The Strong Within Us Book 2 is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2020.

She currently lives in Canada with her two teenaged sons and a crested gecko named Mossio

Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Reddit ~ YouTube


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J.A. Boulet will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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It has been my pleasure hosting this new-to-me author. I look forward to reading more of J.A. Boulet.

Please come back again all next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


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In a change of pace for Notes From a Romantic’s Heart, I am pleased to welcome children’s author, Renée James to the blog. We’re going to get a peek at her new book, Patroosh, The Cheeky Pelican. You can find all the stops for Patroosh's tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. The form is at the bottom of this post.

GENRE: Children's


About the Book

Patroosh is a cheeky pelican who always wants more. He'll even take the food right out of your hand, or flap his big wings until you drop it in the sand.

But after an unexpected event, and a random act of kindness, this pelican's life is about to change forever.


Enjoy an Excerpt

There’s a town called Yamba where the Clarence River meets the sea. It’s in New South Wales, Australia, and it’s a great place to be. There are beaches, boats, and fish galore. It’s home to a very cheeky pelican, who always wants more. You’ll know if you meet him; his name is Patroosh. He’ll even take food right out of your hand, or flap his big wings until you drop it in the sand.

Get Patroosh on Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon, B&N &

the Book Depository.

The Review(s)

4 Grandmotherly Stars

As a grandmother of five, I’ve read my share of children’s books. Some I’ve enjoyed, other not as much. I was impressed with Patroosh, the Cheeky Pelican for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, it taught a lesson. Gently. I believe all children’s books should have some sort of a moral, or lesson. Yet, it shouldn’t hit the child over the head in a way that leaves a negative impression. The author did a very good job of delivering on my expectations.

The illustrations are beautiful. Unfortunately, for me, at some points I felt they overwhelmed the story. Still, the true critics...my youngest family...loved them and that’s all that really matters in a good children’s book.

Here is their take on the story:

And, from William's three-year old cousin, Evan:

Meet the Author

Renée James comes from a background in communications and the commercial television industry. She has worked on a variety of creative projects both nationally and internationally.

She loves nothing more than spending time with family and friends, which includes their much-loved dog. She is passionate about travel, beach days, and, of course, story-time. Her children are the bee's knees as they're constant reminders to be present, and always make time to play.

Renee's Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


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Renée James will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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It has been my pleasure hosting Renée today. Please come back again tomorrow and Friday for more authors, books, and giveaways. Next week, will be jam-packed as well.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well-read.



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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome back author Anya Summers. Today we’ll be taking a peek at her new erotic romance, Midnight Mystique, Book 2 of her Dungeon Singles Night Series. Read my blog post for Midnight Masquerade, the first book in the series. The third book in the series, Midsummer Night's Dream, is up for pre-order.

The entire tour list can be found at Goddess Fish Promotions. Also, don’t forget the giveaway. The Rafflecopter entry form is at the bottom of this post.

GENRE: Contemporary Erotic Romance


About the Book


Dakota needs help. Badly.

The last thing she expects is for the Bad Boy of Eternal Eros to step in, sweep her off her feet, and offer his protection.

Maybe she accepts because they were matched up at the last singles night. Maybe it was the scorching passion she experienced at his skilled hands. Maybe it’s the way he dotes on her daughter.

All she knows is that the more the lines between reality and fantasy blur, the harder it will be to let him go. The more time he spends posing as her fake fiancé, the more she realizes she’s no longer faking her feelings. With every touch, every kiss, every heated glance, she realizes she wants more than one night. She wants the scarred bad boy’s heart to be hers for all time.

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Enjoy an Excerpt


Ryker had dressed the part tonight, too, which was shocking and rather hot. She hadn’t realized that leather pants with a blue-green scale pattern existed. Combined with the gold belt, cross body gold armor over his bare chest covered in inky chest hair, a pair of fish fin forearm bands over his muscular arms, and a King of the Sea tall, gold pitchfork, the sinfully handsome Dom caused her nether region to purr in delight. The man was sex on a stick personified.

Dakota ignored her body’s response to the gorgeous alpha. He was the last Dom she would ever tangle with at the club.

In the Pit, a line of submissives formed. Dakota held the bin, laughing with each woman as she flushed or squealed with delight over her selection. Dakota was participating too. She had signed up before the events of the previous weekend. But given she was running the show tonight, she would select the last marker, whoever the Dom might be.

The line dwindled as the submissives headed to the scene area where the Dom would meet them after the selection process was complete.

Dakota noted the Doms who had been chosen as the markers disappeared. She had been hoping for the blond firefighter Cooper, or perhaps even Xavier or Colin. But she felt her good mood deflate as the activity wore on and the Doms she considered would be great to ease her dry spell were taken.

There were two markers left when Nora stepped up to make her choice: Rafael and Ryker.

Rafael was a strict Dom who liked doling out punishment. While he wasn’t Dakota’s first or even second choice, he would be preferable to the other one.

Nora, in her pretty pastel mermaid outfit, fished her hand around the empty bin with her eyes closed. The submissive’s breath caught as her hand closed around one marker and she drew it out. Before Nora opened her gaze, Dakota spied the name on the marker in her hand. Rafael.

Double damn.

That left her with Ryker.

She plunged her hand in and grabbed the marker, then glanced up from the pit to the surrounding crowd. Her gaze latched on to the Dom in question.

Dakota’s breath caught at the undercurrent that zapped between them. He cast her a sardonic grin. It was as if he knew she didn’t want to scene with him, and his gaze dared her to withdraw from participating.

My Unplanned Review (the Best Kind)

5 Lusciously Sexy Stars!


After having the week from hell, I needed a break. And, there’s no better escape than into the fantasy of world of BDSM—even if the actual acts aren’t your personal cup of tea. And, nobody does these escapes better than Anya Summers.

I was immediately caught up in Dakota’s hesitation, yet undeniable curiosity where the sexy Ryker was concerned. I mean ... just look at the cover. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little kink with a man who resembles a modern-day pirate? Add in an adorable kid and fake fiancé trope and I'm hooked.

For those readers unfamiliar with the world of sex clubs/BDSM, the author does a wonderful job of explaining the inner workings without making it boring, or an information dump.

And, as always, the ending is satisfying in more ways than one.

If you’ve never read an erotic romance, or a romance filled with BDSM, but always wanted to, start with book 1 of this series and go forward. You will be glad you did.


Meet the Author


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Anya grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Anya never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.

Anya is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance under the name Maggie Mae Gallagher. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the Midwest with her two furry felines.

Anya's Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

BookBub | Instagram | Newsletter Sign Up


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As always, it’s been a pleasure hosting author Anya Summers. Please come back all week for more authors, books, and giveaways. As well, feel free to page back a bit for previous author updates and giveaways.