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THE VIKING'S WARRIOR BRIDE by Author Mairibeth MacMillan

Notes from a Romantic’s Heart
is pleased to welcome author Mairibeth MacMillan to the blog. Her new book, The Viking's Warrior Bride, is available from Tirgearr Publishing and all major retailers.

GENRE:  Historical Romance

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About the Book

Bjorn and Ylva. Two warriors who fight side by side. Two lovers who avoid commitments. But their convenient relationship just got complicated.

Determined to redeem her father’s name through her own brave deeds as a warrior, Ylva has no desire to give that up to be a mother. On the eve of returning home to the Norselands to find a foster family for her child, she is injured in an attack by a mysterious group of mercenaries. When Bjorn discovers her secret, everything changes. He has never wanted a family, his own father’s betrayal has seen to that, and yet he begins to wonder if there is anything else truly worth fighting for.

After a series of attacks by mercenaries on the fort they have been guarding, they’re asked to disguise themselves as traders and travel up the River Clyde to gather information. As they travel the situation grows stranger with every village they visit and Ylva begins to wonder what she is fighting for. All around them they find missing villagers, a mysterious bard and a population unhappy with their king and his choice of allies. When they visit the supposedly abandoned former royal residence at Alt Clut, a mysterious woman and her son stow away on the trade boat, putting all their lives in danger and prompting them to make a final stand but how much are they willing to sacrifice for their future?

The book will be on sale during the tour for 99¢


Read an Excerpt

For the past few years, it had been only Ylva, a fact he had admitted to no one — barely even to himself. But somehow, today, he had been a little less sure. The fact that she had not come to find him straight away concerned him, so he’d waited for her to close that final distance between them. Ylva kissed him urgently, pressing her body tightly against his, and he gave thanks that nothing seemed to be amiss. Her kisses were desperate, as if she wanted him even more than he did her. He drew her close, then winced as something dug uncomfortably into his upper thigh.

“Sword,” he muttered between kisses.

“Knife,” she answered, fumbling to slide the offending article further round towards her back. Then her arms were around him again. It had always been like this between them. They could go without seeing each other for a time and then fall back into each other's arms weeks or months later, before leaving each other without a backwards glance. For a warrior, it was the perfect relationship to have.


Meet the Author

Mairibeth MacMillan lives on the shores of Loch Long on the edge of Argyll and Bute. While very picturesque, living there seems to involve endless driving and family life currently involves running a taxi service.

She was a drama teacher for many years until, during a career break, she studied for a Creative Writing degree through the Open University followed by a Masters degree in Playwriting and Dramaturgy. Over the years she has had some success with short stories and flash fictions in various competitions, magazines and anthologies. In 2014 she was shortlisted for the New Writer’s Award at the Festival of Romance.

Inspired by the discovery of a Viking fort marked on the Ordnance Survey map nearby, she started working on a series of Viking Romances set in the Kingdom of Strathclyde at the end of the Ninth century. The Viking’s Cursed Bride was the first in a series of books about four Norse cousins as they build new lives far from home.

Mairibeth's Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Amazon Author Page


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It’s been my pleasure hosting this stop on Mairibeth MacMillan’s tour. Please come back again all week for more authors, books, and giveaways!


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JUSTICE: Choose a Hero Romance by Tracy Tappan

Notes From a Romantic’s Heart
is pleased to welcome author Tracy Tappan to the blog with her new book, Justice: Choose a Hero Romance.

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GENRE: Romantic Suspense

About the Book

A star athlete with a notorious reputation, Justine “Justice” Hayes is offered the chance to join the United States’ elite Special Operations Forces. SOF is standing up three new units called “Special Missions,” and Justice’s past as a master thief makes her perfect to lead one of these intelligence-gathering teams.

But an impossible condition stands between her and her dream job.

She has to survive the Navy’s most intensive and grueling SPECWAR training program: BUD/S.

Despite opposition, Justice soon finds herself wearing the rank of a Navy ensign and competing with some of America’s toughest men. Two of these SEAL candidates will come to test her mind and her heart, as much as her will to keep business and pleasure firmly separate. Temptations multiply when she crosses swords with the cocky helicopter pilot who commands her Special Missions flight crew.

Her vow to maintain a professional distance is finally shaken when an unorthodox training exercise goes terribly wrong. In the brutal aftermath, she needs a man who cares about her to help her fully heal. But which hero will ultimately win her...?

The gentleman? The leader? The wild one?


In this unique Choose A Hero Romance™, the reader decides which hero will earn a happily ever after with Justice Hayes.

Love every hero in his own way?

You can have as many happily-ever-afters as you want!

When you’re finished with one ending, simply choose another and keep reading.

All endings are available NOW


Find the links to download the #FREE main book and all three of the possible endings HERE!


Read an Excerpt

Petty Officer Keith Knight sat down across from her.

During his pre-chow brush-down he’d missed a few spots—two silver-dollar pancakes of sand were plastered to the side of his neck. “How you holding up?”

Good question. And one she was in no way going to answer. If she started cataloguing her complaints, she’d pay closer attention to them. “Ready to rock,” she lied. “You?”

“Livin’ the dream.”

She almost smirked at his own lie. Or maybe it was the truth. Despite all the physical abuse he’d endured with the rest of them, there was still something spring-coiled about him, like his body hovered on the edge of exploding into violent action.

“I used to do some really extreme stuff growing up in Jackson, Wyoming,” he told her. “BUD/S is like that, only on speed. Look, Hayes, you got any issues, I want you to come to me right away. Okay?”

Issues? Why was he mentioning that? Had he overheard Hairy Arms being a pervy jerk to her? She shot her focus over to the creep.

Knight caught the look. He glanced over his shoulder, observed Hairy Arms for a moment, then turned back around. His pupils seemed to narrow in on her. “You need to report something?”


Knight watched her. “Don’t try to be Superwoman and wait till you’re on the brink of breaking before coming to me.”

“Got it. Right. No sweat.” She downed a few glugs of milk. “Thing is, Knight, I don’t recall hearing myself ring out this morning.”

He exhaled. “You’re taking this the wrong way.”

My Review

3 ½ Stars out of 5

Let me begin by saying, I’m not a fan of cliff-hangers. I want satisfaction and I want it NOW! However, I was always a fan of “choose your own adventure” books growing up, so I decided to give this unique approach to military romance a try.

As was expected, and necessary, I read the beginning of the book before tackling the ending I was given for my honest review. While I found the heroine’s journey engaging (I mean who doesn’t love a tough-as-nails woman who swears like a drunken sailor), I occasionally got lost among the huge cast of characters and often had to go back and ask myself ‘who was that again?’. I was also a bit slowed down by the over-abundance of military/Seal jargon, some of which advanced the story, some did not.

After finishing the build up, the time came for me to find out exactly what was going to happen to the hero I’d been given ... which was Keith Knight. He was my choice for Justice from the very beginning. I really liked his character, his interactions with Justice right up until the end of the beginning (if that makes sense). It also helped put the right amount of conflict into the ending and made their eventual romance really work for me.

Because I enjoyed the ending so much, I’d have been happy with less build up in the opening book, and more conclusion. Now, the question will be ... am I going to purchase the other two endings just to see the difference? I likely will. Maybe not right away because I was very satisfied with Justice’s and Keith’s romance.

If you’re a fan of military adventure stories with a hint (or, in this case, three hints) of romance, you will likely enjoy this series. Just be prepared to either choose your hero and stick with it. Or, be willing to read all three and see if you’ve chosen wisely.

Meet the Author

Tracy Tappan is a bestselling and award-winning author and the creator of the Choose A Hero Romance™ reading experience, a brand-new concept in storytelling where the reader controls the ending. You can find out more about this exciting new trend at

Tracy’s books in paranormal and military romance have earned both bronze and gold medals in the Readers’ Favorite contests, have finaled for the USA Book News and Kindle Book Awards, and won both the HOLT Medallion and the Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPY) bronze medal for romance.

Tracy holds a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling (MFCC), loves to play tennis, enjoys a great glass of wine, and talks to her Labrador like he’s a human (admittedly, the wine drinking and the dog talking probably go together).

A native of San Diego, Tracy is married to a former Navy helicopter pilot, who retired after thirty years of service and joined the diplomatic corps. He and Tracy currently live in Rome, Italy.

Visit her website and join the gang on her monthly newsletter for giveaways, publication updates, and other fun and sexy news.

The Giveaway

Tracy Tappan will be awarding one "Hero" coffee mug: Keith or Brayden or Pete, winner's choice which one. (US only shipping) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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It’s been my pleasuring hosting Tracy Tappan and Goddess Fish Promotions to close out my week. I hope to see everyone back here again next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


Thursday, May 6, 2021


Celebrate with us via Zoom as we launch Antoinetta Vogels' new book, "How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself: a Healthy Sense of Self Guide to Getting a Good Night's Sleep." The party will take place on May 7.

Information and the link for the Zoom party can be found HERE


About the Book

It's time for bed. You're tired, but you know you'll be tossing and turning for hours to come. At dawn, you fall into a deep sleep, but it is short-lived. Long before you're ready, your alarm clock mercilessly informs you that it's time to get up.

After decades of nights like this, Antoinetta Vogels managed to unravel the enigma of her sleeping problem and restore her ability to get a good night's sleep.

In How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself, Antoinetta reveals how to become a healthy sleeper through self-knowledge. Using examples from her own life and firsthand experience with this sleep disorder, Antoinetta explores the childhood circumstances that can lead to unhealthy motivation, approval-seeking behavior, and chronic insomnia in adulthood. She offers practical advice and activities that you can use to heal the wounds of the past so you can enjoy a brighter future full of joy, healthy relationships, and restful sleep.

Available on Amazon


Meet the Author

Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Sense of Self™ LLC, author of "How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself" her newest book which will release in the fall. She also wrote "Healthy Sense of Self How to be True to Your Self and Make Your World a Better Place!" (2013), as well as the Online Course: Introducing the Sense of Self Method! (found on her website,, the "Sense of Self Workbook" (based on the Online Course but also to be used independently) (2014), "A Guided Journal to a Healthy Sense of Self (2014), and "The Motivation Cure" (2017).

Through many years of searching for her Self, Antoinetta has come to conclude that from early childhood on, many of us have not been acknowledged as the autonomous people we truly are. She provides insight and tools to help you enhance and/or completely restore your ability to sense your Self and correct the ill-effects of childhood conditioning that reverberate in all aspects of our lives.

Antoinetta Vogels is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands and a former bassoonist of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. She is a ballroom dancer, a mother of two and lives in Washington, USA.

Website ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads

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WOKE by Author Peggy Jaeger


Today, it is my pleasure to welcome my good friend and fellow author, Peggy Jaeger, to Notes From a Romantic’s Heart. We’re going to talk about one of my *absolute favorite* books, WOKE. Previously only available on Amazon, WOKE is now available in wide distribution on all your favorite platforms.


About the Book


On her 21st birthday, someone slipped a potent drug combination into socialite Aurora Brightwell’s champagne putting her in a coma for the next ten years. It’s been a long road back, and it’s time to reclaim the life she lost and find out exactly what happened on that fateful night.

Financier Kincade Enright has his own reason for helping Aurora discover who poisoned her, but for the time being he’s keeping that - and his true identity - to himself. What he can’t keep hidden though, are his growing feelings for the one-time paparazzi darling and party-girl.

When this prince of finance joins forces with the former sleeping beauty, nothing can stop them from finding the answers they seek…or prevent the powerful emotions developing between them as they search for the truth.

Get it TODAY

Read an Excerpt

“Mr. Enright,” I said when he stood and held my chair. “Thank you.”

He sat after I did, earning an approving, eyebrow raised perusal from my mother. “You’re welcome, and it’s Cade,” he said, his head tipping close to mine. The subtle scent of man and soap drifted over me and I had to restrain myself from leaning in closer for a more thorough whiff. A warm, masculine scent is always so much more appealing than aftershave or cologne.

While I put my napkin in my lap, he kept his head inclined and said softly, “You’re probably wondering how I wound up at your table.

I lifted my water glass and before taking a sip said, “It had crossed my mind since I know for a fact you were at table twenty. Since I don’t see Dominic Dupont I’m guessing you switched with him.”

His gentle exhale sounded…amused. I snuck a side eye his way and saw I was correct. The corners of his mouth were pulled in and up and for the first time I noticed a tiny dimple wink back at me.

“Dominic’s father is one of my clients,” Enright said, “and when I told him I wanted to sit at your table he agreed to switch.”

“How did you know this was my table?”

“I asked Ms. Spring.”

I peeked over his shoulder to see Dabney chatting with the person on her right. Turning my attention back to the man, I asked, “Why?”

“Why did I ask her, or why did I want to sit at your table?”

“The latter.”

That little crevasse deepened, a twin forming on the opposite side of his mouth when his grin turned to a full-fledged, captivating smile.

Oh, my

“To paraphrase you, it’s amazing how with millions of people in this city, it can be deceptively small. Twice in one day tells me we were meant to meet, so.”


Meet the Author

Peggy Jaeger is a contemporary romance writer who writes Romantic Comedies about strong women, the families who support them, and the men who can’t live without them. If she can make you cry on one page and bring you out of tears rolling with laughter the next, she’s done her job as a writer!

Family and food play huge roles in Peggy’s stories because she believes there is nothing that holds a family structure together like sharing a meal…or two…or ten. Dotted with humor and characters that are as real as they are loving, she brings all topics of daily life into her stories: life, death, sibling rivalry, illness and the desire for everyone to find their own happily ever after. Growing up the only child of divorced parents she longed for sisters, brothers and a family that vowed to stick together no matter what came their way. Through her books, she’s created the families she wanted as that lonely child.

When she’s not writing Peggy is usually painting, crafting, scrapbooking or decoupaging old steamer trunks she finds at rummage stores and garage sales.

As a lifelong diarist, she caught the blogging bug early on, and you can visit her at where she blogs daily about life, writing, and stuff that makes her go "What??!"


One of the hardest working authors I know, Peggy is EVERYWHERE:

Peggy's Website/Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

Pinterest ~ Triberr ~ Author's Database ~  BookBub ~ LinkedIn

Goodreads ~ Amazon Author Page ~ YouTube

 ~ ~ ~

The Awesome Trailer

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It’s been a pleasure having Peggy here today. Be sure to come back all week for more authors, books, and a giveaway or two!


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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart welcomes Author Jayce Carter to this stop on her Goddess Fish Tour for GRAVE ROBBING AND OTHER HOBBIES. You can find all of the tour stops HERE. And, remember to enter the #Giveway at the bottom of the post!

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Erotic Romance

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What are you reading now?

I’m re-reading the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. It is one of my favorite series and there is some amazing sense of familiarity when I reread them, like I’m coming home again. Given all the change and stress of the last year, I have to say, I am enjoying re-experiencing them.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

My newest book has easily my favorite title. I came up with it after reading a joke about how long someone has to be dead before someone is considered an archeologist instead of a grave robber. For me, I love titles that make a person stop and think about it, that make them take a second look.

Who is the last person you hugged?

I am not a hugger. I tend to believe that unless I get an orgasm out of it, I’d really rather people not touch me.

What is something you’ve lied about?

I don’t lie often, mostly because I am a horrible liar. In fact, I tend to worry people think I’m lying and then end up looking super suspicious as I try to not act guilty. However, I also use my kids to get me out of things. I have no problem claiming one of them is sick so we can stay home and relax.

Worth it.

About the Book

Abandoned at three—whose parents want a kid who sees ghosts?—I learned the world is quick to punish misfits. I try my best to be a normal, boring human, but the call of the supernatural just won’t be ignored.

When a stranger shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s no sexy tryst. Instead, I’m off to the graveyard, digging up the corpse of a murder victim at the demand of the local vampire coven—and that small felony is just the start.

The spirit of the woman has gone missing, something that shouldn’t be possible, and everyone is looking to me for answers. There's Kase, a vampire who’s both terrifying and secretive. Grant, a mage with a bad attitude and a lot of power. Troy, the possessive werewolf-detective next door and Hunter, a mysterious bad boy who isn’t even close to human.

It’s a race not just against time but against everything to figure out where the spirits are going, who’s behind it and if I can trust the men who now share my bed.

And all because of a little grave robbing…

Get Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies on Amazon and B&N (Nook)


Read an Excerpt

 “Are you telling me you’re a poltergeist?” I asked.

Hunter chuckled as he shifted his hand so he could stroke the inside of my wrist. The touch was innocent—he wasn’t rubbing anything intimate—and yet I could feel it rush through me as if his fingers were between my thighs. “What do you think?”

“I’ve never seen a poltergeist act like you.” I frowned as I tried to make my brain work despite how he crowded me and made me want to press against him. “And you weren’t able to enter my house without my invitation. Plus my secretary could see you, so no.”

He traced my bottom lip with the tip of his warm tongue, and I tasted flames. “You don’t invite poltergeists into your bed?”

“I didn’t invite you.”

“You did, just not with words.”

“That’s what people with boundary issues say.”

His lips curled into a grin before he bit down softly on my bottom lip, a sting of pain that made me arch up, that made me press my pelvis to him in a blatant and desperate offer. So, he wasn’t wrong.

I did want him, more than I might have ever wanted anything else.


Meet the Author

Jayce Carter lives in Southern California with her husband and two spawns. She originally wanted to take over the world but realized that would require wearing pants. This led her to choosing writing, a completely pants-free occupation. She has a fear of heights yet rock climbs for fun and enjoys making up excuses for not going out and socializing.

 Jayce's Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


Enter the Giveaway

One randomly chosen winner via Rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.

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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is overjoyed to welcome one of my favorite authors, Ella Quinn, to talk about her new book,
The Most Eligible Viscount in London. Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway at the end of the post!


GENRE:  Regency Romance

About the Book

In bestselling author Ella Quinn’s intriguing new Regency trilogy, a dashing suitor must decide if love and marriage are mutually exclusive . . .

Viscount Gavin Turley is convinced that love matches cause nothing but trouble. Still, after months of courting, he’s fallen for Miss Georgie Featherton. He’s passionate about her, in fact. But words of love are not an indulgence he will allow himself. When he presents Georgie with his marriage proposal, he will lead with his head—not his heart. His qualifications as a husband are excellent, after all. What could go wrong?

No sooner does Gavin kneel on one knee than Georgie’s heart goes aflutter with joy. Finally, the proposal she longed for had arrived. Yet Gavin seemed to be listing his credentials for a business partnership, not a romantic union. Without a declaration of love, Georgie can only reject his offer—unless the ladies of the ton, and Georgie’s grandmamma, have anything to do with it. For sometimes it takes a wiser eye to see the love behind a guarded heart—and a clever scheme to bring it out of hiding . . .

Amazon ~ Apple ~ Google ~ Kobo ~ Nook

 Audiobook narrated by Rachael Beresford

Audible ~ Amazon Audio ~ iTunes 

Read an Excerpt


A light tap sounded on the door to Georgie’s parlor. Smith opened it and stood aside as Adeline swept into the room.

“I did not think you would be resting.” She sounded pleased to have been right. “How are you doing?”

Georgie shrugged. “I wish I knew.”

“I can tell you that he does want very much to marry you.” Georgie pulled a face. “Yet he is still haunted by his father.”

In an attempt to help, Littleton had told Adeline who in turn told Georgie about the mess the former Lord Turley had made of everything after his wife had died. “I understand why he thinks he should not love his wife, but I do not understand how one can stop oneself from falling in love.” And that was the essence of the matter. Georgie firmly believed that love was the thing that held two people together during difficult times. She began pacing the room again, changing directions so as not to wear a path in the rug. “Do I give him another chance? Or would I be wasting my time? If he is so certain he will not love his wife, I do not see what I can do to change his mind.”

Adeline’s forehead creased in thought. “Allowing him until the end of the month to convince you would still give you time to go back to Town before the Season ends, and it would answer your questions.”

“I suppose you are correct.” Georgie stopped pacing. Why was this so hard? She closed her eyes and reached deep into her heart. There was a chance that there might be another gentleman out there who was even more perfect for her than Lord Turley only because this unknown gentleman loved her. But until she knew for certain that Turley would never love her, she would give him an opportunity to prove himself. “I shall give him one more chance.”

“I need to tell you one more bit of information.” This time her friend had a wicked grin on her face. “Your grandmother and her friend the duchess arrive tomorrow. They are staying with Mama-in-law.”

“And Turley.” Georgie felt her eyes widen. “Oh my. That will be interesting. What I would not give to hear what they have to say to him.”

“That is exactly what I thought,” her friend agreed. “Frits has suggested that he be allowed to come here as often as he wishes in order to court you. Do you have any objections?”

Georgie began pacing again. For some reason, she could not remain still. Littlewood really was the perfect place for a courtship. Other than the house party entertainments, they could spend time out of the eyes of the ton. It would give her—them—both the opportunity to attempt to resolve the differences in what they each wanted in a marriage. “No.” She wondered what role her grandmother and the duchess would play. “No. I have no objections.” Having a course of action would, at the very least, help her shake off the malaise she had been experiencing. “In fact, I believe I am looking forward to seeing how he intends to convince me I should enter into a loveless marriage.”


Meet the Author


USA Today bestselling author Ella Quinn's studies and other jobs have always been on the serious side. Reading historical romances, especially Regencies, were her escape. Eventually her love of historical novels led her to start writing them.

She is married to her wonderful husband of over thirty years. They have a son and two beautiful granddaughters, and a Great Dane. After living in the South Pacific, Central America, North Africa, England and Europe, she and her husband decided to make their dreams come true and are now living on a sailboat. After cruising the Caribbean and North America, she completed a transatlantic crossing from St. Martin to Southern Europe. She's currently living in Germany, happily writing while her husband is back at work, recovering from retirement.

Ella loves when readers connect with her.

Ella's Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Amazon Author Page ~ BookBub ~ Goodreads

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Ella Quinn will award a $25 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card to a randomly drawn winner.

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As always, it’s been a pleasure hosting today guest – my cruising buddy – Ella Quinn! Please come back again next week for more authors, books, and giveaways.


Thursday, April 29, 2021



Today, Notes From a Romantic’s Heart, is pleased to welcome Author Constance Bretes to the blog. Constance is sharing her military romance, Operation Code Name: Desert Love. And, me being nosey, I asked her some questions just to get us started.


Inquiring Minds Really Want to Know


Is your book based on real-life experience or a figment of your imagination?

This particular book is a figment of my imagination. Although I’ve written several books based on some portion of real life experiences.

Is the setting for your book real? If so, have you been there? If it’s fictitious, is there somewhere real that you’ve used as a model?

The setting is real, Afghanistan, Norfolk VA, the military bases,


Do you like to read in the genre in which you write? Or, are you adventurous?

I very seldom read in my genre.  I love reading mafia romances, but I would probably never write them.


If you listen to music while you write, what are the top three songs on your playlist?

I Love You Always and Forever by Donna Lewis

Feels so Right by Alabama

I’ll Do Anything by, Gordon Lightfoot

~ ~ ~

About the Book

Her best hope for survival is the one man she never wants to see again

Clarissa Maasen is a humanitarian relief worker who’s stationed in Afghanistan. When she and two of her coworkers are kidnapped by insurgents and held hostage, she can only hope that her father, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will send his best men to rescue them—more specifically, Len Roberts of the Delta Force.

The last time Len saw Clarissa, it did not end on good terms. But he will risk his life to rescue this woman who is never far from his thoughts.

Can he rescue her in time? And will they be able to control the passion erupting between them?

Get it HERE

~ ~ ~ 

Read an Excerpt


“Can we take a small tour around the city and enjoy the coolness of the evening?”

“Yeah, we can do that.” Clarissa loved fast speeds, and Len seemed to have remembered that. He sped the Humvee on a few roads in Kabul that were open, with no dense neighborhoods. It felt exhilarating to Clarissa. She stood up a few times, holding on to the top of the windshield, feeling the wind against her face, and her hair going wild. After doing a few rounds, Len pulled up at the US Embassy. Clarissa stood in the vehicle before he came to a stop and yelled, “Woo hoo!” The guys standing outside the building turned then gave them the thumbs-up. “That felt so good.”

Len had a lopsided grin on his face. “Yeah. It did feel good. You still want to do that run?”

“Well, yeah.”

Len chuckled. “I’ll meet you back here in ten minutes.”

“Okay.” Clarissa hurried to her room to change. She pulled her messy hair into a ponytail, slipped into a pair of shorts with tassels around the hem she’d just bought, a lightweight top, and a new pair of running shoes and socks. When she got to the steps outside to meet Len, he was already there in his army shorts, doing warm-ups and talking to a couple of guys.

“Hi,” Clarissa said to the two men in army garb who were talking to Len. One guy nodded, and the other said, “Hey.”

“I’ll see you at the heli-pad at eleven hundred hours,” Len said. The two men saluted Len and sped quickly down the steps.

Clarissa looked at her watch. They had an hour to get a run in.

“Are you wearing draperies?” he asked.

“What?” Clarissa laughed and looked at him. He was staring intensely at her shorts. “No. I just thought they were cute.”

Len rolled his eyes. “Hmm. Ready?”

Clarissa did a few body stretches. “Ready.”

They started out slowly. When they came to a street corner, he instructed, “Take a right here.”

She started to turn slightly. “Len…”

She stepped into his path accidently, tripping him. As he went down he rolled himself in a somersault and came back up, standing. “Jesus, Clare, you trying to do me in?”

“I’m sorry, Len. I was just going to ask you something.” They quickly picked up their pace for a few more blocks. She wanted to know when he would be going back to the states, but she was afraid of his answer, so she decided not to ask.

~ ~ ~ 

Meet the Author


Constance started writing contemporary romance and romantic suspense fifteen years ago. She was born and raised in Michigan. After working for the State of Michigan for 38 years, she retired. She and her husband moved to Montana and lived in the mountainside of a small town,

There, locked in her office overlooking the mountains, was where this story, Operation Code Name: Desert Love, was written. After living in Montana for three years, they moved to Alabama with her cat, Sunny, who owns both her and her husband. Her hobbies include basket weaving, reading mafia romance books, diamond painting, and fiddling at the piano.

Constance's Website - Newsletter Sign Up ~ Twitter

Amazon Author Page ~ BookBub ~ Goodreads

~ ~ ~

That's it for today. However, we'll be back tomorrow with another author, a great book, and a giveaway! Until then stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.