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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome author Cori Cooper to the blog. Today, we’re featuring her new book, Bake Believe from Immortal Works Publishing. You can find all the stop for this Review Tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter drawing. The entry form is at the bottom of this post.



About the Book


Cat Anderson doesn't want much out of life. Give her a circle of friends to giggle with, a few boys to flirt with, a cute outfit, and she is good to go! She especially could care less about food.

But food, it turns out, is a very big deal.

In Cat's family there is a secret too fantastic to be real. Something happens when Cat bakes.

Something amazing.

Something impossible.

Can it be true? Or is it Bake Believe?

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Enjoy an Excerpt


“Hey, Pen.” I step into the room and shut the door softly behind me.

“Hey.” She doesn’t turn away from the mirror. Her face is all scrunched up in concentration.

“You look good, you don’t even wobble when you hold that pose anymore.”

Penny grunts instead of responding with words. I know this is not the best time to bother her, but I also know she will feel much better if she eats one of these cookies.

“I made something for you.”

I hold up the plate of cookies with a huge grin, but she just sniffs. “Cookies? I can’t eat those before an audition. I will barf all over the floor.”

My smile drops. What will I do if she won’t try one? I chew my bottom lip, “Um, these are special cookies.” I wiggle the plate around while I use my best mystical, magical voice, like Robyn did.

Penny raises her eyebrows. “Do you think I’m four?”

I slump forward in defeat, “Come on Penny, just eat one. I’ll give you a dollar.”

“What?” She steps back, away from me, “You want to pay me? Why? What did you do to them?”

“Nothing,” I say, but the word comes out too stretched and kind of uncertain.

Penny crosses her arms and stares.

“Okay, fine, here’s the thing.” I jump off the bed, leaving the cookies behind, and proceed to tell Penny the entire story about our family legacy. She doesn’t say anything, just taps her toes like I am keeping her from her warmup.

Which, I am, actually.

“This isn’t a joke, Pen. It’s for reals.”

After a long pause Penny unfolds her arms to move them to her hips. “Really? That’s the truth? It sounds like make believe.”

“That’s what I thought too,” I place my hand flat on my heart, “But, it’s the total, honest truth.”


My Review

4 Delicious Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this unusual take on a cute pre-teen/early teen story. Being a grandmother of three teenage girls, I can thoroughly relate to all of Cat’s challenges as a teen trying to find her place among her friends and the world in general. Add to that some mysterious “powers” and it’s no wonder it can become a bit of challenge from time-to-time.

The author has a wonderful age-appropriate voice for her characters. And, of course, a grandmother who bakes ALWAYS appreciates more recipes.

The book also received a resounding ‘that’s lit’ from my 14-year-old granddaughter, Anya, so that about says it all! I highly recommend this story to all those who enjoy a good YA book.


Meet the Author


Since I was six years old I wanted to be a published Author. I still have all my early manuscripts, but don't ask to see them - my spelling was atrocious!

I'm a mama of four witty, movie quoting, awesome sauce kids - three teens and one preteen. Yes, they end up in my novels! Don't worry, names are changed to protect the innocent and everything is always GREATLY exaggerated! That's my super power.

I'm also wife to the cutest guy in the whole world. It's true! I'm not bias at all, really. We met in Middle School and got married after he served a mission for our Church. It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't miss it for a plate full of Cinnamon Rolls.

Or anything else, actually!

I hope you have as much fun reading my stuff as I have writing it. The creative process is so fantastic, I just love every part of it!

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It’s been a pleasure hosting Cori and her new release, Bake Believe. Please come back again tomorrow for another author, book, and giveaway thanks to Goddess Fish.