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Notes From a Romantic’s Heart is pleased to welcome author Joe Stephens to the blog today to talk about his new book, Kyle and Corey and the Game-Store Mystery, Book 1 in the Kyle and Corey Mystery Series. You can find all the stops on this tour at Goddess Fish Promotions. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a $25 gift card. The entry form is at the bottom of this post.

GENRE: Juvenile (or Y/A) fiction

About the Book

Kyle & Corey Holley (15 and 12) live in Fairly Springs, a small southern beach town. Kyle is a budding engineer; Corey is impetuous, funny and sports-crazy. Like most brothers, they fight often, but they also solve crimes—like the rash of recent robberies around town. When Kyle and Corey investigate, they learn that in each robbery, the thieves stole a high-end desktop computer. Why? What are they looking for? And how soon till they find it? Other complications include Corey's wheelchair-bound math tutor, Kyle’s after-school job in a local game store and a revolutionary new video game launching soon.

Kyle and Corey: Brothers. Best Friends. Detectives. They don't go looking for trouble; it has them on speed dial!

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Enjoy an Excerpt

“Wanna have a catch outside?” Corey said after a minute. “Before it gets too 

“I guess,” Kyle said without enthusiasm.

“Homework, Corey?”

“It’s Friday night, Mom. Can’t you chill out? Besides, I did it in school.”

“You always say you do it in school—then I get your report cards and they say 
you haven’t turned it in.”

“They must be losing it, then. I’m doing it.”

Mrs. Holley shook her head. She knew Corey and knew that nagging him about it was hopeless. “Clear the table before you go.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Corey cleared the plates, glasses and silverware, put the napkins and salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen, and covered the leftover food. Without being prompted, Kyle wiped down the table, the counter and the stove, and swept the floor.

Mrs. Holley watched through the sliding glass door as they hurried outside. As always, any sport absorbed Corey, but baseball was his favorite. He pitched for the local rec department team for most of the year, and hoped they’d eventually add a travel league. For his sake, she hoped so, too.

Outside, Corey and Kyle pulled on their baseball gloves and lobbed the ball back and forth across the wide backyard. “So what’s our next case?” Corey asked. “It’s been a long time since summer.”

Kyle snorted. “That was a one-off, dude. It won’t happen again. They do have a police force here, you know.”

“But we were great together! Bet we could make something happen again.”

“If we do, the cops’ll be after our butts, for sure. They didn’t like it when we made them look bad by catching those bank-fraud guys.”

“If we’re catching crooks, who cares if it’s us or them?”

“They care. They’re the ones paid to do it.”

My Review

A thoroughly enjoyable read, for young and old alike. I was impressed with the boys’ intelligence, their commitment, and their overall attitudes as teens and pre-teens. While they could be a bit stubborn when the situation called for it, over all they were respectful.

The adventure itself was predictable, but still well worth the read, especially for the middle school reader. My pre-teen grandson loved it and gave it two thumbs up as well.

This promises to be an excellent series with the ability to engage readers who might not always be inclined to pick up a book. Definitely reminiscent of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys of my youth.

Meet the Author

JOE STEPHENS has been a fan of boys’ adventure books all his life, and in this, his first series book, he’s created two boys as memorable as Frank and Joe Hardy. He has a background in education and has also visited more than thirty countries while pursuing his passion for scuba diving. He lives in Georgetown with his growing family and three thoroughly spoiled cats.

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It has been my pleasure hosting today’s guest. Please come back again tomorrow for another author, book, and giveaway. Then, again on Monday to help us celebrate a Book Birthday!



  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today! So happy to be here and connect with your readers! Joe

    1. You're welcome anytime, Joe. Best of luck with the tour and the book.

    2. Thank you! Hope to come back with Book 2, very soon!

  2. Hope it is, Rita! So far, readers seem to be giving a thumbs-up!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review of this book, it sounds like a great read for my grandchildren