Sunday, April 25, 2021

It's a Birthday Party! by Author Nancy Fraser

For a change ... it's not a Book Birthday. Instead, it's my REAL Birthday! Not that I intended to get a year older ... it just sort of happened...helter, skelter, willy, nilly.

It did get me thinking though. I've had far too many birthdays to acutally count but I was trying to decide which one was my favorite. Then I thought ... why not ask some of my wonderful author friends to tell me about their favorite birthdays. A celebration of sorts!

From Author Caroline Clemmons:

My most exciting birthday was part of a long-time dream. My husband and I took a three-week tour of Ireland, Scotland, England, and the tip of Wales. We’d taken shorter tours, but saw new things on this one. I could have stayed much longer. In fact, we had planned one day to return and rent a cottage in Ireland for a month to use as a base while we traveled to places not included on our tours. We’d love to go back, but both our health restrictions will prevent that happening. I’m grateful we were able to travel to these places when we did. What a great birthday! What great memories we made!

From Author Kara O'Neal:

My favorite party was pretty recent. I got to spend the weekend in a beach house in Galveston with all my sisties! (Sisties is a term I made up. It's combination of bestie and sister.) We ate, laughed, talked, shopped and spent time at the beach. It was amazing!


From proof-reader extraordinaire, Author Kathleen Lawless:

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is always terrible on my November birthday.  All requests at my day job for vacation during the last quarter of the year were denied.  A few years ago I went from working full time to writing full time and made up for a lifetime of soggy, cold birthdays by celebrating with my sweetie at an adult-only, all-inclusive resort on Antigua with a villa, a private pool for skinny dipping and miles of private beach.  On my birthday, Steel bribed the kitchen staff to cook us lobster and set up a private dining area on the deck, overlooking the ocean and illuminated with tiki torches.


From our new Gem of an Author M J Schiller:

SURPRISE! ~ On my 50th, my parents came up and took us to dinner to celebrate. I thought maybe a surprise party would happen there, but when it didn’t, I put it out of my mind. My parents then “left” the next day. My best friend wanted to go out and have a birthday drink. Another girlfriend told me she was at a bar for a going away party for a neighbor, and we should meet her. When we got there, my bestie opened the door to this private area. Since she’s not exactly known for her rule following, I thought nothing of it. I saw my parents first, then my little sister and her husband, who drove 4 ½ hours to be there. Then I was like, ooh, the neighbors are here! Ooh, friends from church! And the best thing was, my boys, who were away at college, drove all the way in, arriving late to surprise me again. It was awesome.

I’ll never forget it.

And, as for My Favorite Birthday:

I’d have to say it was my forty-seventh. Up to that point, I’d never had a birthday party. Both my parents worked when I was a child, so there never seemed to be any time for planning and execution. Never one when I was older and married. However, the year after my divorce, my girlfriends planned a surprise party for me at my favorite restaurant.

Of course, there is one planned for later today with my sons, daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren that just might top it!


~ ~ ~

Thanks so much to my fellow authors/friends for helping my cyber-celebrate. I will be back all this week with more author guests, great books, and a lot of fun!



  1. My husband had never had a birthday party until friends gave him one for his 50th. I hadn't realized he'd never had a party, since it was at his sister's birthday party that I met him. He had such a great time. I'm glad you got your party, too.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. It was fun. However, as I look at the pictures I realize I've lost three of those friends. It makes you grateful to still be hanging around.

  2. I went from celebrating my birthday to 'birthday week' and then 'birthday month'. When people ask if this is a special birthday I say always "yes' because I consider every birthday special. I'm still here. Reason enough to celebrate.

  3. What a fun read. Such memorable birthdays shared. Kathleen I remember this birthday, as you and I, and Steel met up on your way back to Victoria. Isn't Antigua where he proposed? Happy Birthday Nancy!

  4. Happy birthday, Nancy! I enjoyed reading these. And I sure hope I get to do something like Caroline did! Touring Ireland, etc. is on my bucket list.

  5. What fun birthday stories! Happy birthday, Nancy!

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Nancy! I hope you have a wonderful day! Kathleen--my mom has the same M.O. Her name is Susan, but we call February the Feast of St. Suzanne!